Fetch Mobile App

Fetch is a mobile app that makes it easier for pet owners to communicate instructions to their pet sitters while they're away.



After going through quite a few pet-sitting jobs for friends and co-workers, I noticed a pattern. Each time I offered to watch my friends’ pets there would be some sort of ambiguous process of “showing me the ropes”. This was anything from just vague verbal instructions, to scattered handwritten notes left for me in someone’s house, to someone making a webpage about his cat. Once, there was even a 4-page instruction manual (typed in Times New Roman, 12 pt. font) for a house/dog sitting combo!

These instructions all ranged from not enough info, to sometimes too much info. I found myself in an inconsistent process each time wishing I had a better way of organizing the info and referring back to it when needed. Also, as a pet owner myself (two mischievous kitties), I thought it should also be easier to set this information up for your Pet Sitter. 



An organized hub of easily referenced info that allows the two different users (pet owner and pet sitter) to communicate basic information with each other.